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The Five Dogs Art Family

The Five Dogs Art family is Chris, Lydia and Jamie. While each of us has their own special interests, we are most recognized for our electricity art.  It's not uncommon for all three of us to be in the workshop working in different aspects of the making process. Sometimes, Gramma pitches in, too.

Lydia, Five Dogs Mom

Lydia brings the crazy to the team as lead electricity wrangler. With a healthy respect for the rules of science, Lydia guides 15,000 volts into the patterns you see on our work. Also a learning wood turner, stay tuned to see what she dreams up next. 

Jamie, Five Dogs Child

Jamie is an art student at Kutztown University, Jamie works in several mediums but specializes in painting. Through their work they hope to spark conversation about man’s relationship with local wildlife, gender, and each other.

Chris, Five Dogs Dad

Chris is lead engineer and chief builder, making possible the imaginations of the rest of the team. If it has angles that match perfectly and corners that meet seamlessly, then Chris has taken the lead in its construction. 

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